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Outa Knoware comes some of the brightest ideas and solutions.  Well, that's what a lot of people say anyway.  The truth of the matter is Outa Knoware, Intl. really is loaded with great ideas. We pride ourselves on our abilities to develop unique and creative solutions to a large variety of business problems.  Here at Knoware we break our services into five basic functional groups:

Site Upkeep - Solutions to the designs and development goals that you have already made and invested in toward an internet success story.  Let us enhance, improve or just keep it up to date for you.

Front End - Development is the design and creation process necesary to display and manipulate your companys data.

Back End - Work includes expanding or creating server side capabilites to enhance data access for internal or external uses.

Custom - Development for all aspects of developing unique sites or a variety of proprietary software from the ground up.

Traditional - Design of graphics, logos and the like.

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Front end solutions.

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